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Bravo Motors is your trusted solution to expensive Volvo dealer care.

211 Kenroy Lane # 7
Roseville 96552

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Bravo Motors versus your Volvo Dealer - a simple comparison.

From the beginning, the priority of Bravo Motors is to bring the best possible Volvo service at reasonable prices to our customer, while protecting their investment by using the newest technology and state-of-the-art equipment - implemented by the best Volvo technicians. We strive toward your complete satisfaction with our company.

Dar Geramian, owner of Bravo Motors, is recognized as someone who values his customers and the integrity of his business. This is the expectation he brings to Bravo Motors, and why he strives to offer the highest quality in dealer alternative Volvo service. Bravo Motors, located in Roseville, features a state-of-the-art facility with the most current diagnostic and repair equipment available - equal to any Volvo dealer - but with the added value of quick and personalized service.

Bravo Motors has over 27 years' experience specializing in just Volvo's; our technicians are Volvo-qualified, and we offer the exact same services and repair quality as your large automotive dealer. The differences, however, stand out in Bravo Motors' superior service and customer relations. What we can offer you that your dealer can not are our budget-friendly rates, quick turnaround time, internet options for appointments, payments and maintenance tracking, and the personalized attention you receive with every transaction.

Bravo Motors wants to make your every visit a pleasant experience, whether it's to our facility or to our website. We welcome you to call or drop by any time during our business hours to browse our pre-owned Volvo's, schedule a maintenance appointment, or service your vehicle. We also offer several options to enhance and expedite your online experience with Bravo Motors, including appointment scheduling, an exclusive Customer Auto-Track Dashboard, and links to resources and tips all about Volvo's.

When it comes to repairing or maintaining your Volvo, Bravo Motors is only a call or a click away!
Nullam non urna eros.

For some time now Bravo Motors has been instrumental in the care and performance of Volvo's owned by our family and friends. In all that time, our combined experiences with Bravo Motors have always been and continue to be exceptional in every way.

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